Best Racing Games of 2016

Only a racing game can give a player extreme adrenaline rush and thrill as they hold their joysticks and game controllers.This is why it’s no surprise that a lot of people opt to play racing games over other video games.As a result of this trend, video game producers are constantly at work and are aiming to produce the most realistic and exciting racing games in history that could be experienced in different platforms, including the Xbox, PlayStation, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, and Virtual Reality helmets.Hundreds of racing games have been introduced to the market. Among the many, here are some of the racing games that outshines the rest this 2016:

  1. AssettoCorsa

Developer: KunosSimulazioni AssettoCorsa is constantly praised for having the most realistic simulation of a race in a video game. Gamers say that with the difficulty in vehicle handling, attractive graphics, and realistic sounds, it feels like driving a real car on a real track where you need to focus on speed and skill.The game features a wide array of cars you can choose to drive, and also a lot of options for tracks and locations you can blaze through and has programmed realistic opponents who bump you, get off-track and struggle getting back on.assetto-corsa-1

  1. Project Cars

Developer: Slightly Mad Studios This game is perfect for gamers who like experiencing the thrill of a race without everything that reminds them that it is only a video game. There are no pop soundtracks, car crashes with massive explosions, or rewinds of car failures and victories.Project Cars make the players focus on the realistic handling of their vehicles as they cruise around famous race tracks all over the world. It also allows customization of cars to suit the players’ need and taste.

  1. Forza Horizon 2

Developer: Playground Games This game features all the elements that an adrenaline-inducing racing game should have. Players can choose a car from over 200 options and drive in the most unusual tracks where splitting fences and ploughing through shrubs is possible.

Skill points are also important in the game, and there are many ways to collect them like racing though championships or just completing a challenge stunt.With the graphics, sounds, and overall design of the game, Forza Horizon 2 is the very definition of a racing game made for fun.

  1. Wheels of Aurelia

Developer: Santa Ragione This game follows the story of Leila, a woman who is fond of driving along the coasts of Italy during the 70’s. Apart from the racing, players also get to enjoy the compelling narrative that is complete with conversations with different characters whose stories are also well-written.

The player joins Leila as she starts off on a road trip where she will meet new people and take part in different races along the different roads and pathways.It is very exciting, as the storyline unfolds based on the player’s decisions, wins, losses. Players can also go back and see what was in store for them if they took a different choice.The year 2016 is still far from over and other racing games cans still prove themselves worthy of being one of the best for the year. The creativity and imagination of game developers have no bounds, so it only makes sense to expect more improvements, surprises, and new discoveries from racing games that make them more enjoyable and thrilling as ever.


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